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Medical Pet Care Services in Ashland, VA

Behavioral Medicine

Having a pet with a behavior problem can be frustrating and even deteriorate the loving relationship you have with them. Ashcake Animal Clinic has experience diagnosing and concentrating these behavior problems with a skillful approach such as veterinary clinical medicine, behavioral medicine, and pet training.

Neglecting these behavioral issues may result in emotional trauma or mistreatment physically when the problem may stem from simple misunderstandings. Don't put up with another day of inappropriate behavior. Schedule an evaluation with our professionals today.


Ashcake Animal Clinic offers many surgical services to our patients. Whether it's a routine procedure (spaying and neutering) or a complex surgery that is needed, our staff is skilled with the experience needed to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.

We employ safe practices and will monitor your loved one carefully through every step of the way - even postoperative care. We want your pet to have the most comfortable recovery possible, so we will inform you on how to provide care for your pet when they are ready to go home. Let us address any concerns you have by calling us at (804) 550-2458 today.

Fully-Stocked Pharmacy

When it comes to your pet's medicine, speak to the professionals at Ashcake Animal Clinic. We provide you with personal service at the best value with a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical medications, including heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

When you purchase veterinary medicine from us, you will receive professional medical information based on your pet's needs, as well as any potential side effects or interactions that may occur. If you experience any complications, Ashcake Animal Clinic is only a phone call away!
Call us for more information at (804) 550-2458. We stand behind all of our products.

Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Being a pet owner of an elderly or terminally ill pet can create an extremely difficult time. Saying goodbye (or knowing when to) can be even more difficult. In times when all capabilities of medical science and resources have been exhausted, euthanasia is the final way to prevent your loved one from suffering any longer. The caring, compassionate professionals at Ashcake Animal Clinic can assist you through this difficult time.
Our hospice services will ensure your pet's final days will be comfortable. If you have special requests or questions about the care of your pet's remains, our caring staff is here to help.
Man Hugging his Dog - Behavioral Medicine in Ashland, VA

Pain Management

Pain management can not only prevent the body from functioning properly, it can also take a toll on a patient's state of mind. Ashcake Animal Clinic understands that every situation is different, and will take precautions during your pet's recovery process.

Ashcake Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing compassionate care to your loved one. We will diagnose every procedure accordingly whether it's routine, advanced medical treatments, or painful and chronic conditions to help with a full recovery.

Parasite Prevention and Control

Heartworms, ticks, fleas, and roundworms are more than just a nuisance, these are parasites that can cause serious illness or death in pets and you may not even notice signs that they're there. Some intestinal parasites can even be transmissible to their owners.

The expert staff at Ashcake Animal Clinic can test your pet for these parasites and recommend medication to prevent them. If your pet is a host to these parasites, it is very important to your pet's health to start treatment immediately. We can schedule testing and provide you with the information needed to control and prevent parasites in the future.

Radiology (X-Rays)

A radiograph (x-ray) is safe, painless, and non-invasive diagnosing tool to help evaluate any organ or bone in the body. The size, shape, and position of organs can determine certain medical conditions, such as disease in the heart, kidney or liver, cancer, tumors, and more.

The radiology service that Ashcake Animal Clinic provides is handled by professionals who care about our patients.

Blood Transfusions

Blood and plasma transfusions is a critical service offered by Ashcake Animal Clinic that can often save the life of our veterinary patients. They are often needed due to trauma and surgical procedures, however it's also used for chemotherapy recovery, pets with advanced kidney or liver disease, feline leukemia, or bleeding disorders.